Which Feeding Pillow Is Best For You?

Feeding Pillow: Which Feeding Pillow Is Best For You?

Pregnancy brings along with it a lot of excitement and preparation. Hello, friend, I am bipasa and Welcome to best-for-babies.com so today we are talking about the Feeding Pillow. A feeding pillow is a useful breastfeeding accessory. It is designed such that a nursing mother can easily wear it and bring baby close to her body.Feeding Pillow: Which Feeding Pillow Is Best For You?

This way the baby can latch properly while the mother is seated in a comfortable feeding position without a feeding pillow, you may find it cumbersome to prop yourself or the baby in a correct latching position. You may slouch or end up seated in an uncomfortable position. Feeding in an awkward position frequently or for longer durations can strain your arms, shoulders and back.

Why Should you use a Feeding Pillow?

A feeding pillow ensures that you get baby into a correct latching position while seated in a proper posture yourself. It helps you to sit straighter and not slouch while nursing. This is especially helpful postpartum as it prevents any strain on your already recovering back, the pillow also supports your baby’s weight thereby relaxing your shoulders and arms and preventing soreness and also frees up your hands. 

Multiple uses of feeding pillow

It also has a number of other uses you can even take the aid of the feeding pillow while bottle feeding your baby you can either prop baby in the pillow or wear the pillow and hold your baby in the cradle position to bottle feed. It also helps support the baby during tummy time. Please do ensure that you never leave baby unsupervised during tummy time and once your baby can sit with the support you can even prop her up by using the pillow. There are various kinds of feeding pillows available.

Feeding Pillow: Which Feeding Pillow Is Best For You?

😄Types of Feeding Pillow Available in the Market😄

Classic C Shaped Pillow

Feeding Pillow: Which Feeding Pillow Is Best For You?

One of the most popular ones is this classic C shaped Pillow. It can be worn quickly when required and also helps to give baby tummy time and can even help her to sit up.


Lumbar Pillow

Feeding Pillow: Which Feeding Pillow Is Best For You?

Lumbar pillow this wrap-around pillow has lumbar support. It supports the lower back and helps reduce backache and can be firmly strapped to your body. Some of them also have a handy pocket, great to store wipes or a bottle of water.


Boomerang Shaped Pillow

Feeding Pillow: Which Feeding Pillow Is Best For You?

The third one here is the Boomerang Shaped Nursing Pillow that is ideal for women who have had a C-section as it doesn’t rub against the sutures and irritate them.


Pregnancy Pillow

Feeding Pillow: Which Feeding Pillow Is Best For You?

Next up is the Pregnancy Pillow. It supports your back while sleeping when pregnant and it easily converts to a feeding pillow when the baby comes along.


Twin Nursing Pillow

Feeding Pillow: Which Feeding Pillow Is Best For You?

If you have twins then fear not as there is a twins nursing pillow specially designed for you! These can take the weight of two babies and provide the much needed back support that a new mother needs.


Dr Brown’s Gia Pillow

There are also Comma Shaped Pillows that typically work best for moms with larger breasts and because they are angled baby’s head sits slightly raised which helps prevent reflux.


Travel Feeding Pillow

An interesting last mention is the Travel Feeding Pillow. This is easy to carry and just lightly slips over your forearm to give it the much-needed support while not straining your muscles.

Some important points you should keep in mind regarding the feeding pillow.Feeding Pillow: Which Feeding Pillow Is Best For You?

A feeding pillow helps to feed baby comfortably in different latching positions. It provides good back support and prevents strain on your arms and shoulders. Ensure that when using a feeding pillow the baby is latching well and both you and the baby are comfortable. If this is not the case or mom feels some soreness in the nipples then you might need to try another pillow. A feeding pillow can be used from the first day but if your livery was complicated then please ask your gynaecologist when you can start using a pillow.

As always when dealing with babies be prepared for messes now and then so get an easily washable pillow or a cover and always have a spare cover handy.

We hope you like this blog and share our appreciation of the feeding pillow as well. That’s all we have for you today! Please leave us a comment or a question if you have one and we will be more than happy to answer it. Bye for now and see you next time!

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