Best Books to Read During Pregnancy


Hello, mommies welcome to I am bipasa and today I want to talk about my top book recommendations during your pregnancy and childbirth, first I just want to say that you do not have to read any books during your pregnancy

What are the benefits of reading books during pregnancy?

Reading while pregnancy not just increases the comprehension but in addition helps in making the bond between the mommy along with the baby stronger. Additionally, it triggers better attention, a fantastic attention span, painful the mother of her tensions, resulting in a brighter baby.

If you don’t want to when you’re pregnant try not to feel stress about preparing and having to read all this material and research all this stuff for your birth or for your baby because really all you need to know is how to love your baby and you do not need to read that in a book you already have that in you but if you are interested in reading any pregnancy books I want to bring you the top books that I recommend.

My Top 5 Best Books to Read During Pregnancy

Number 1: what to expect when you are expecting well.

Best Books to Read During PregnancyIn this book, I especially like the part about the labour and I found that it covered all the information which I had got from my prenatal classes Cook has been around for quite a while and it is definitely worth having a read I would highly recommend this book to any female who’s expecting I loved its layout and especially the dad’s part.


Number 2: hypnobirthing by Mari Mongan

Best Books to Read During Pregnancy This is another book I feel every pregnant women should read even if she is not planning on having a natural birth or using hypnosis and there is way too much fear surrounding birth, so this book basically helps you in preparing for birth mystically physically and emotionally

one of the lessons that I took away from this book is breathing through difficult moments in a life well this definitely applies to childbirth which is the primary focus of this book but I’m finding it very useful in my day to day parenting I can confidently say that the techniques taught in this book have really helped me feel calm and collected in moments where I would otherwise lose patience.


Number 3: the secret by Rhonda Byrne

I am a strong follower of the secret and there’s a huge list of things that I have manifested using the law of attraction was introduced to this book by my master trainer of hypnotherapy if you’re having a lot of negativity facing failure again and again now you simply want to know more about mind this book is definitely for you

I can confidently say that secret helps in planting the seed of mind power really very well it also introduces us to the concept of law of attraction which if combined with gratitude can help in manifesting anything be it in the area of health wealth or relationship while reading this book

I felt very very grateful to the things which I have in my life and the things which are going to come in my life where I would like to add a very important thing this book is probably not for the ones who have a very practical approach towards their life this book is probably for dreamers and believers just like me.


Number 4: The power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy.

Best Books to Read During Pregnancy

In this book, you understand that the conscious mind is like a driver and the subconscious mind is like an engine the book starts with the explanation and reason to why the author decides to write this book

then it tells you about how the mind works and then straight away dives into the concept of the power of subconscious the way to use the power of your subconscious mind by giving an example of the people who have applied it in their day-to-day lives and as I said these are practical ways

so until unless you apply what the author has said this book is not useful for you now this book also says that you can achieve the unexpected by giving positive stimulus to the ring and this made a lot of sense to me after reading this book I kind of got an explanation to many things which are happening in my life. you can also read this book in Hindi.

Number 5: laughter yoga for health and happiness by Dr Madan Kataria

BEST BOOKS TO READING DURING PREGNANCYWell, this book not just talks about the laughter movement which is going on around the world but it also talks about the benefits the health benefits of laughter we all know that laughter is the best medicine for mind and body but they’re having no system to show how to implement and deliver it now all the women out there must be thinking whether laughter is safe for pregnancy & health

yes it absolutely is I got my training as a laughter yoga leader when I was in my fifth month of pregnancy laughing releases hormones that counter stress and help your body stay healthy just make sure you don’t fall off your chair or jump around as that might be harmful whether you are laughing or not. 



So guy’s book has been a source of knowledge for centuries there is at least one good book written on every single topic Under the books are not only written to educate they are also written for leisure and even for the transformation of the soul and lastly I would like to add that it has been exactly proven that reading releases hormones which is good for the baby’s brain now don’t you want baby Sherlock Holmes in the womb.

Does reading to your baby in the womb make them smarter?

According to new research, your efforts with baby are well set. Researchers discovered that reading books to children can boost diction and reading skills four years later, before the start of primary school

So I  hope this blog helped you in deciding which book is ideal for you if you wanted to get any of the books we featured on this blog click on the buy now button to get a reasonable price, don’t forget to follow our website and share with your friends thank you for reading this blog and happy changing.

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