Baby walker Good or Bad | Does the walker help baby walk?

Baby walker Good or Bad

Hello, guys welcome to, those who are new here and cushy and I make blogs on baby care, baby product review, best baby gadgets, etc. now in today’s blog, I’ll discuss in-depth about should we use Walker for our daily and our Walker’s safe to use for babies as for the research organizations and the paediatricians so let’s dive into today’s blog.

Baby walker: – A Dangerous Choice To be used or not? Baby walker disadvantages.

Let me start by breaking the most common myth that is walkers help babies to walk faster and work independently sooner?

This is not at all true instead what happens is when your baby is put into a walker what happens that their legs touch the ground so they’re not even aware that they’re trying to learn you know to walk they are unaware of this fact and they just randomly move their legs around it’s a very common instinct of any person.

>The Major Problem With WalkersBaby walker Good or Bad

Babies throw their legs around and do to the wheels of the Walker moves in various directions beat forward sideways you know so that’s the motion which causes your baby to move forward and it’s not actually that he’s learning or she’s learning to walk so focus do not really help your baby in any way to walk faster or walk independently.

In fact, there’s a research which shows that babies who use walker learn to walk independently later than the babies who don’t use a walker the other thing that walker does is it puts unnecessary pressure on your baby’s legs hip joints and the lower part of the body basically because when you put them in the walker they kind of hang in there right when they even their legs are touching the ground but still they are not in you know independently standing up they don’t have the strength yet to stand up and work on their own.

>So when you put them in the Walker their body gets unnecessary strain and it might cause problems for them.

When we were started getting suggestions from friends and family to use Walker for my daughter  I was not really convinced I started doing my research and I started reading about it and then I came across a lot of particles which I’ll tell you further in this blog.

>Doctors opinion about Baby walkers 

Me and my husband both basically decided that we will consult a doctor before buying a walker for him so we went to a doctor and when we asked her opinion about Walker’s so she basically was very hesitant and she said that you know if even if you want to use a walker please don’t use it until unless your baby gets up and stands on his own and if after that you want to use and put your baby in Walker only for half an hour or one hour and ideally not throughout.

So seeing her response I asking what was her professional opinion so she straightaway said thatIs Walker Safe for Baby?|Does walker help baby walk?

“if you ask my professional opinion about Walker’s I tell you not to put your baby in a walker at all because Walker does more harm than good it will not help you, baby, in any way it will not do anything special which you can’t do you’re on your own with your baby also walkers are highly accidental they can cause a lot of accidents they can strain your baby’s muscles but our since parents mostly don’t listen to this advice so we at least suggest that you know use walker only after we can get upon him so when they have enough strength to you know to be in the walker”

So listening to that we ultimately decided that we are not going to use a walker for my daughter at all now let’s talk about the facts and the statistics around the usage of a walker

>Experts’ Stand on Baby Walkers

Where the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended a ban against Walker’s in 1997 due to all the dangers that four associate with them there were so many cases that came into the picture where baby sped down the sight of stairs or different indoor swimming pool there were also cases where you know poisoning and boiling in babies was observed when they were invoker’s and all of this happened – when parents were watching them

So the thing is walkers give you baby a little more height so when they get hide they reach places and surfaces weather should not actually otherwise it reads also even if parent up watching the baby still accidents can happen super fast within the blink of an eye because walkers have meals right so the babies who are put into walkers they go super fast and even if a guardian or a caregiver is silenced right there then – it is very difficult for them to you know to avoid any accidents from happening.

>Why are baby walkers banned?Is Walker Safe for Baby?|Does walker help baby walk?

In Canada, the sale of baby walkers was banned in April 2004. In the United States, child-walker-related injuries have dropped from 20.5 in the year to nearly 6 in 20, threatening to promote voluntary protection by such devices and manufacturers.

A recent study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics says that they are seeing more than 2,000 Walker related infant or accidents every year and they even suggest that you know the adult supervision cannot be trusted in case of usage of workers

because walkers move more than three feet per second and by the time with adult personally asks the baby will be across the room with that speed same study further states that from 1990 to 2014 there have been more than 2 lakh 30,000 cases which have come in as emergency where the babies of under 15 months of age have been hurt or have sustained severe injuries due to Walker’s.

So the major injuries that they have seen were in the head or the neck of the baby and in around four out of ten babies skull fractures were observed in these emergency cases the New Jersey said is trying to pass a bill that would give the police the power to confiscate and find anyone who is using or selling workers a fine would be of up to ten thousand rupees for your usage or selling of Walker.

The same study also states that workers are not only dangerous for your baby but they also slow your babies overall development of walking they slow the muscle development and they make your baby more dependent on Walker which otherwise your baby would have learned quicker workers are also banned in countries like Canada and in Australia, there are very strict rules when it comes to using to focus and the paediatricians there are also demanding a ban against Walker.

Should I introduce the walker to my baby?

Now please don’t think that all these studies and cases are of America or Canada or you know Australia in other countries and they don’t apply to India babies developmental milestones and babies stages of development are seen all the countries and the basic reason is just you don’t just try to think deeper what happens is in India we don’t really report the incidents even if a baby falls down from the vocal we just don’t think why it is you don’t buy it happened even

if you go to the doctor we would say it’s our mistake we couldn’t focus on the baby but no it’s not like that it’s not missing you know our mistake or it might be a mistake obviously in some scenarios but if you just try to analyze if for five seconds in the normal scenario if you think of your eyes from your baby maybe will not be that mature enough for that you know fast it he or she would on their own get down the entire flight of stairs or would you know to tumble down the entire stairs.Is Walker Safe for Baby?|Does walker help baby walk?

they would be trying to you know then take steps towards the stairs we take one step or you know before the accident can happen you will grab then you know pretty quickly but with Walker and the speed at which they rush down you do not even have a chance to react so think about the fact that why baby fell or you know why a baby might fall from the walker’s things like that might happen and we don’t really take it seriously and we don’t really report these incidents

we don’t even know how to consumer goods we don’t even try to think whether the product is safe for the baby or not but I just suggest that before using Walker just think about all the pros and cons varied accordingly and then invest in a Walker well.

A a lot of people feel that walkers under supervision are perfectly safe to use I have done enough research spoken to a lot of doctors paediatricians and read a lot about it I would just say why to take a chance focus anyway don’t help your baby much right they, in fact, don’t help them at all so prevention is better than cure right every parent wants what is best for their child and as I see a simple example that if you put a baby in the Walker they will not really learn the distance and speed that easily.

>MY experience:

I’ll give you a quick example what happens with my daughter since she started getting up and you know he sometimes bangs her head against the wall and he will make faces and she knows she gets a little irritated and she looks at me and then she puts his head slowly against the wall and she just tries to measure the distance that you know at more distance than what speed she is hitting his head so that she’s not getting hurt

so this one simple example if you let your baby be independent and out of walker they will learn these things and they know what is distance water speed and how they should you know approach it because in the future and you put your baby out of the Walker

they will not really know what you know at what speed they should run towards a wall or what is a wall what is stairs they will not have any idea how to gauge and measure the distance from you know themselves to the other end of the room and they will run or walk towards it for the same speed as they do in the Walker which might be very harmful and very dangerous for the baby

What Are The Alternatives of Baby Walkers?

Is Walker Safe for Baby?|Does walker help baby walk?
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There are a lot of other safe options to stimulate your baby and help them walk you can give them you can you know use playpen for them you can even put fences in the room in an empty room and leave them in the rooms that they learn to walk in that room you can use stationery toys on which with what sir you know using that as the support they can stand and play around it these days there are a lot of toys available in the market which you can use to stimulate your baby and if you don’t want to invest in it then the old-school method is the best anyways

That’s what even I do with my daughter you can just hold your baby’s hands after you know he or she has stood up on their own and they have gained enough stability and you can have them walk so this will even help the baby to learn and enjoy the walking process and you will be able to bond with your baby much better.

So my daughter had started you know getting up I think one month back and from last 15 20 degrees after I saw that she has gained enough stability and with support, she was trying to move to 3 steps now start then I hold his hands and I make him walk around in the room or on the bed or any you know hard surface

And she just enjoys it you should see the smile on his face when he’s doing it and she’s so happy because he feels that he’s coming towards me and I’m holding and that way she learns quickly, I’m so sure and it’s the safest option of all.

Is Walker Safe for Baby?|Does walker help baby walk?


I was just like to in this blog by saying please be safe and cautious and if you enjoyed this blog please comment and share,  if you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch with me by other comments section happy to help you see you soon take care and happy parenting.

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