Baby Feeding Formula and Breastmilk | which one is the best?

Baby Feeding Formula and Breastmilk | which one is the best?

Everything You Need To Know About Baby Formula Milk ( breast milk and formula) Baby Feeding Formula and Breastmilk | which one is the best?

Hi, mommies and daddies, welcome back to if you are starting formula for your child or you’re already giving formula to your child. There are a lot of questions in your mind with respect to how to prepare and what quantity, how safe it is.

What are the results expected? Which brand? And so many more questions. I used to have a lot of questions before supplementing with formula for my baby, and I still get a lot of questions from parents who are doing the same.

So I thought, let’s do a dedicated blog covering all the questions related to a formula that has received till date, which really gives you clarity on what formula is all about. So let’s get started.

I’d like to start the blog by saying that that is nothing compared or nothing even close to breast milk duct when it comes to nutrition for your child. So if you are making breast milk, then please give it to your child for as long as you can, especially in the first six months.

Now, for any reason, if you are not making breast milk or you have to switch to formula, please make sure you read the entire blog in detail and after this. I can tell you you would have mustered the whole understanding of formula milk.

So this is a list of 17 questions and I’m quickly going to answer to give you clarity on your doubt.

Number 1:- When to start from for babies?

So there are two scenarios.

One scenario is a mother who did not produce breast milk at all. Right from when the baby was born. In that case, doctors suggest that baby should be given formula. Right. When the baby is in the hospital. And then it should be continued.

The second scenario is the mother is pumping breast milk then. But there was a point where she stopped making get all her supplies started to go down. Now, should we let the baby cry because of hunger or we satisfy him with something else? We’re just close to breast milk and then he’ll start formula for your kids.

Number 2:- which formula is the best?

There is nothing called best when it comes to babies because what suits one baby can be completely different to what suit the other baby. There are multiple formula brands in the market, like nan-pro,Similac, lactogenEnfamil.

You must discuss with your doctor as to what should be the best formula for your baby and then go ahead and introduce it. Yes, there will be times that what you introduce does not suit your baby. In that case, you can always make a switch.

Number 3:- when to make the formula?

When your baby is giving a sign of hung good or feeding, it should be made fresh and immediately should be fed to the baby.

Number 4:- How long can I store a formula bottle that I just prepared? 

Believe you should not store a toy in two fifteen minutes. Max is absolutely okay. But beyond that, it should not go even if you’ve made a bottle and your baby is not hungry. Now your baby’s in a different mood. Just throw the formula of it and make it fresh. If you want hygiene and safety for your baby.

Number 5:- what water to use?

Always use boil water always use hot water so that the formula mixes very well. You can store the water in the military flask or you can instantly boil water and bring it and make the formula completely your choice. But do not use any other water for your baby safety.

Number 6:- what all is needed for probating the formula?

There a couple of things that you need, but the best thing to do is make a baby station in your room. what you need is a Milton flask because you will need boiling water in that you will need a bottle in which you prepared the formula.

You will need an airtight container in which you have the formula powder or the formula pack, and you need a measuring spool, which you get with the formula only to meet the formula once you’ve made it. You mix it, shake it very well and give it to your baby. 

Number 7:- How to feed formula?

There are multiple options. You can use a bottle of formula, you can use a spoon and cup. You can use a feeder that is used traditionally and parents love to use that, especially in the initial days Totaly your choice.

Number 8:- which bottle to use and what size?

So the bottles I use for bottle feeding my baby were Dr Brown and Phillips have a natural floor. They must be good brands and there should be BPA free. That is the most important. The other thing is that buy a bottle which is of size 200 plus because the babies hunger increases very, very rapidly when the baby is growing up.

So you don’t need a small bottle and then you need to rush and get another bottle because now the baby needs more. Just have a bigger border to accommodate the baby’s needs. The important thing here is changing the nipple size, nipple size has to change as and when the baby grows because a smaller nipple will not fit and not walk well with the baby.

Number 9:- How much formula to be given in one feed?.

This is something that you will only learn with experience with your baby. There is absolutely no guideline to it. The guideline is that a young baby should be fed every two to three hours.

So I suggest that go with. Smaller quantities, because the formula is also heavy on the stomach and that with the baby will be digested. Also bitted and it will be light on the baby’s dummy, very, very young baby will not take anything more than 30 to 50ml one feed.

But as the baby grows, they may take 60 and 80ml focus on two to three-hour feeding during the day and Max 4 to 5-hour feeding in the night. And that’s how you will be able to understand that what quantity is working will manage these frequencies.

Number 10:- How to check if it suits my baby?

A couple of indicators, number one split up. The split-up will just go up if it’s not suiting your baby. All those split-ups happened with breast milk also. But if the split up suddenly increases, that means there’s definitely a problem.

Number two, gas. Your baby’s passing. Too much gas will be these uncomforting crying a lot after you’ve introduced formula, that’s a sign that it does not suit.

Number three, Poop the has become very hard the baby has constipated or the baby has loose motion. That’s a very fraught smelly poop. The baby finds it very uncomfortable to poop out. That also means that his stomach is not settled. And then you maybe need to change the formula to light the formula.

The gaining weight should be happening on a weekly basis or every fifteen-day basis. The weight should not become constant or should not start falling down after introducing a formula.

Number 11:- Can formula milk and breast milk be given together?

Absolutely, yes. A lot of mothers prefer that they do breastfeed first and after the breastfeeding session is done, if the baby’s still hungry, then they give a little bit of formula milk to satisfy the baby’s hunger.

These ways the baby’s tummy is full and the mother also does not have to worry about her low milk supply or not being able to meet the baby’s needs.

You can also give one or two formula feeds to a baby in the night and during the day continue to exclusively breastfeed babies. And that means you supply your health can also be maintained. And one or two feeds in the night can be formula feed, which will ensure that your baby is getting the milk faster is able to sleep better and his overall health will be great.

Number 12:- What to add in the formula?

sugar or dry fruit powder. Absolutely no formula is milk. Just like breast milk. Like you don’t add anything in breast milk. You don’t add anything in formula milk. Give it as milk to your babies and not as something which is added with other things.

Number 13:- till when to continue formula?

So formula should only continue max one year. After that, you should switch to animal milk. It could be called buffalo good any minute, but you should switch to animal milk.

Number 14:- formula milk leads to a chubby baby. Yes or no?

Absolutely no. I don’t have an answer to that because there’s no research that shows that this is true. This is believed to be a myth. What is actually true and where there is research available is the fact that breast milk leads to healthy babies and they are the best source of healthy fat and nutrition for the kids.

So if you really want a healthy baby, you need to give your baby breast milk. But if you don’t have an option. Don’t worry. You just switch to formula milk

Number 15:- Are there any risks associated with formula?

A couple of risks. yes, number one, that it is a replacement of breast milk. Obvio the nutrition and the health benefits of breast milk can not be matched with formula, but it is the closest form of nutrition that you can give to your babies if you’re not making breast milk.

Number two, is it is expensive and most of the formulas have an expiry of max three weeks or a month? And I think what happens is you don’t give a lot of formula to your baby, especially if you’re doing combine feeding. In that case, you’ll feel that, oh, my God, so much formula has to be just thrown away. and it really hurt your pocket.

And the third one is that formula and spoil very easily, if not handled properly or not stored properly, in which case it can lead to stomach troubles with your baby or infections in your baby.

So, you know, you put a wet spawn in the formula that created moisture in the formula you lift left the formula box open, which led to air contamination, or you continue to use the formula beyond the expiry date mentioned on the box, in which case also it ended up spoiling

Number 16:- What is the right formula for the right age?

So whenever you’re buying formula, that is always a stage mention on the formula box. Stage one, stage two, stage two, speech four And this stage keeps on changing with the baby’s age. So Stage and babies just clearly mentioned on the box whenever you’re buying it. Just make sure you check that for your baby as per there age.

Number 17:- when to discard formula?

The formula has to be discarded as soon as it reaches the expiry date. No matter how much it’s hurting your pocket, no matter how much it’s hurting your heart. If you want safety and hygiene for your baby, please make sure your discarded most of the parents end up not discarding it. But that’s absolutely wrong.

‘So these were a complete blog of Baby Feeding Formula and Breastmilk which one is the best and 17 questions answered very, very quickly and I hope you got a lot of clarity. All of this that I shared with you on my tips bases, my experience and this is general guidance, but every. Different, so make sure the whole formula, introduction and the continuity are in line with your doctor’s consultation and recommendation.

So hope you did like this blog and if you’d like it, please share it with all the new moms and new parents so that they don’t end up compromising their baby’s health with introducing cow milk or buffalo milk at a very early stage instead of formula just because they didn’t know about the formula. So thank you. See you soon.

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